Haitian Artists

The Haitian Art Collection offers the works of the following artists. Please click on the names below to view all the works of the artist.

Haitian Art Collection Artist Catalog

  • Abelard, Gesner
  • Albert, Vital Setalaire
  • Alphonse, Fritzner
  • Alphonse, Inatace
  • Aly, Ron
  • Amiama, Xavier
  • Anisey, Roy David
  • Antoine, Montas
  • Armand, Gesner

  • Baker, Hezekia
  • Benoit, Rigaud
  • Belizaire, Pierre
  • Bigaud, Wilson
  • Blain, Roland
  • Blaise, Andre
  • Blaise, Serge-Moleon
  • Blaise, St. Louis
  • Blanc, Jean Claude
  • Bonhomme, Albott
  • Bottex, Jean Baptiste
  • Bottex, Seymour Etienne
  • Boursiquote, Jean David
  • Bresil, Henri Robert
  • Byron, Bourmond

  • Cadet, Jean E.
  • Charlemagne, Jean
  • Calixtes, Alix-George
  • Casimir Sr., Laurent
  • Cedon, Fritzner
  • Cedor, Dieudonne
  • Charles, James
  • Chavannes, Etienne
  • Chery, Jacques Richard
  • Chery, Jean
  • Cupidon, Jean

  • Dambreville, Claude
  • Damour, Robert
  • DeFournoy, Jean Felix
  • Denis, Raphael
  • Depas, Spencer
  • Desimats, Ati
  • Dodard, Philippe
  • Domond, Destin
  • Dreux, Nicholas
  • Dubic, Abner
  • Duffaut, Prefete

  • Ellisaint, Francoise
  • Exil, Levoy

  • Felix, LaFortune
  • Francois, Roger

  • Gauthier, Joel
  • Gerard
  • Geslin, Jacques
  • Gilles, Jean
  • Gourgue, Jacques Enguerrand

  • Hair, Alfred
  • Haspil, Rene
  • Hector, Jonas
  • Henri, Calixtes
  • Hyppolite, Hector

  • Iris
  • Ismael, Saincilius

  • Jacques, Harry (Arijac)
  • Jean, Francois
  • Jean, Jean-Baptiste
  • Jean-Jacques, Carlo
  • Jean-Louis, Eric
  • Jean-Louis, Ernst
  • Jean-Louis, Michel
  • Jean-Pierre, Yvon
  • Jerome, Jean-Rene
  • Joachim, Guy
  • Jose, Hilome
  • Joseph, Ernst
  • Joseph, Jocelyn
  • Joseph, Jorelus


  • LaFaille, Raymond
  • Laratte, George
  • LaTourtue, Philton
  • Laurenceau, Lyonel
  • Laurent, Guy
  • Lazard, Luckner
  • Legagneur, Jean-Claude
  • Leontus, Adam
  • Liataud, George
  • Louis, W
  • Louisius, Jean
  • Louissiant
  • Louizor, Ernst

  • Magloire, Stivenson
  • Marcelin, Renold
  • Massilon, Pierre
  • Mathias, Berny
  • McKinney, Kim
  • Michel, Simeon
  • Milian
  • Mompremier, Madsen
  • Monsanto, Fritz
  • Montilus, Mario

  • Newton, Harold
  • Newton, Lemuel
  • Newton, Sam
  • Normil, Andre

  • Obas, Charles
  • Obin, Antoine
  • Obin, Jean-Marie
  • Obin, Michel
  • Obin, Philome

  • Pailliant, Remy
  • Paul, Dieusaul
  • Pelissier, Henry
  • Petti-Hughes
  • Phandor, Eric
  • Pierre, Andre
  • Pierre, Fernand
  • Pierre, Frantz
  • Pierre, Laures
  • Pierre, Maxo
  • Pierre-Louis, Prosper
  • Poisson, Louverture
  • Polycarpe, Jerome


  • Rice, Dominique
  • Rock, Fritz
  • Rosemond, Louis

  • Saint-Brice, Robert
  • Saint-Croix, Jean Claude
  • Saint-Fleurant, Louisianne
  • Saint-Vil, Murat
  • Sanon, Janet
  • Sanon, Lamar
  • Saul, Audes
  • Savain, Petion
  • Seide, Jean David
  • Sejourne, Bernard
  • Senatus, Jean-Louis
  • Smith, Denis
  • Soufal

  • Thermidor, Buffon
  • Tichali, (Ermistal Charles)
  • Tissaint, Yespehat
Torchon, Camille
  • Turnier, Luce

  • Utterback, Theresa

  • Valbrun, Jacques
  • Valbrun II, Johnny
  • Valchin
  • Valcin, Gerard
  • Valcin II, Favrange
  • Valestin, Michel
  • Valmador, Antoinette
  • Valmador, Jacques

  • Wah, Bernard
  • Woodley, Nelson



  • Zephirin, Frantz

Haitian Art Collection
The Haitian Art Collection

The Haitian Art Collection offers may different styles of Haitian Art grouped into six categories or styles:

• Estate Works
• Cap Haitian
• Haitian Life
• Animalist
• Mystic
• Highwaymen

Works by First, Second and Third Generation Haitian artists from 1940-1980. Paintings by artists such as Hector Hyppolite, J.E. Gourgue, Wilson Bigaud, Philome Obin and Bernard Sejourne. Click here for Estate paintings

Cap Haitian
Cap-Haitian is the capitol city of Haiti. Famous for its gingerbread houses and New Orleans-type setting, it is the birthplace Philome Obin. Paintings in this style often include portraits and historic scenes. Most artists from this region cite Philome as their mentor. Click here for Cap Haitian paintings

Haitian Life
Everyday activities are the hallmark of this group of artists. Markets, harvest scenes, festivals and depictions of mountain villages abound. The paintings can be subtle and sophisticated as in the works of Claude Dambreville or primitive with bold colors such as the sugar cane harvests of Inatace Alphonse. The artists from the south east region, Jacmel, will also add a surreal twist to their rendition of the Haitian landscape. Often referred to as dreamscapes, they attempt to show a paradise on earth. Click here for Haitian Life paintings

These paintings are the depiction of the stories of the Voodoo spirits. The spirits or LOAS, are almost channeled on to the canvas by such groups as the Saint-Soleil artists Levoy Exil and Prosper Pierre-Louis. The Goddess of Love, Erzulie, is often shown with blue or green skin and when a woman is painted this way it is said she possess the deities charms. Click here for Mystic paintings

People often wonder why Haitian artists will paint fanciful jungles with an assortment of animals not found in the Caribbean. Actually what the artists are depicting is the Garden of Eden and most believe it was located in Africa, their ancestral homeland. Adam and Eve, Noah's Arc, Tower of Babel and even crucifixion scenes are common subjects. Most are lushly done in a style reminiscent of Henri Rousseau. Click here for Animalist paintings

Works by black artists in Florida around 1950-1980. This is not Haitian Art, but it shares many of the same qualities that collectors of Haitian art appreciate. Click here for Highwaymen paintings

The Art of Haiti has become very collectible. Jonathan Demme, Jimmy Buffet, Burt Reynolds, and Denzel Washington are known for their extensive collections.

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Caribbean art and Island artist like Hector Hyppolite Obin Gourgue Dambreville and Bresil.

Caribbean West Indies ocean sea Hispanolia Islands rain forest in Paradise or Eden of the Tropics. Key West collectors include Jonathan Demme, Jimmy Buffet, Ram, and Burt Reynolds, Denzel Washington, Aristede, Papa Doc, Baby Doc, Duvalier, and Rothschild.

Art media include acrylic oil, steel drum sculpture, sequin, voodoo voudou and vodou art.

Subjects include mermaid sirene jungle, sailboats, market, colonial plantation, Creole historic, tap tap bus harvest, sugarcane, mango, breadfruit and gingerbread.